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Proper and consistent maintenance is crucial for making sure your vehicle is always at optimal health. Here at Mike Fair Cadillac, our experienced service team is here to assist. For any make or model GM, and from bumper to bumper, we have you covered with services ranging from lube, oil and filter checks to air conditioning and vehicle pothole prevention assistance. For some of the best attention and service for your Cadillac in the Smiths Falls area, come see us!

Complete Vehicle Care in Smiths Falls, Ontario

Explore all the vehicle services we offer for your vehicle, what they entail, and how much they cost. Once you’ve found the package for you, click to book an appointment!

Multi Point Vehicle Health Check

A multi-point vehicle health check is an all-encompassing check of your vehicle and its components. Leaks or damage will be checked for. Inspection of engine air filter, replaced if need be. Rotate and inspect tires for proper inflation and wear, as well as brake system (pads, hoses, lines, calipers etc.). Make sure all fluids are at the correct level. Cooling system is to be inspected, with the lubrication of any needed parts. Inspection of wiper blades for damage. Inspection of seatbelts, airbags, etc. The steering and suspension parts will be lubricated to their desired needs. Fluids of transmission/transaxle will be topped up. Engine, accessory belts and EVAP system will all be inspected.


$59.95 & parts

Get Adventure Ready

Get your vehicle ready for a tough work adventure with our dedicated package. Our service team will change the engine oil and reset the system, including a filter, as well as checking for any obvious damage. Tire rotation and inspection (with pressure and wear checks) will be done, along with the brake system (lines, hoses, pads, calipers, wheel cylinders, rotors, and drums). All fluids will be made sure to have their correct amount. The front suspension will receive specific care, along with the ball joint, steering linkage and parking brake cable for proper lubrication. Wiper blade inspection is included. For any trucks with an Allison transmission, we’ll inspect the external control-main filter, and replace if need be (although, the replacement comes at an extra cost). This price does not include any mileage services that may be outlined in your owner’s manual.

Price From




Lube, Oil & Filter

This lube, oil and filter service involves the inspection of all fluid levels in the vehicle and their respective condition. A service member will check the belts and hoses and inspect their status, fixing where need be. The suspension, driveline, lube steering, lube door and hood hinges will be inspected as well. A new ACDelco oil filter will be added, along with 5 quarts of motor oil. For any diesel or synthetic variants, the amount may be larger.

Starting at


Air Conditioning Service

A general test will be done on the entire system, checking for leaks. An inspection will be done on the drive belt, alongside monitoring any breakdowns of hoses or belts. Any bolts that need to be mounted or tightening of the compressor will be done, if needed. Refrigerant is included with the package cost.

Price From


Replace Cabin Air Filter

Our team will replace the cabin micro air filter, which is in charge of removing or mitigating pollen and dust that tries to enter your vehicle.

Starting at

$15.00 labour & cost of filter

Brake Maintenance

Brake maintenance includes ensuring that any corrosion that develops on the calliper brackets is removed. Any and all pins and sliders will be properly lubed to ensure the best performance of your brakes.



Brakes (Pads Only)

Brake pads will be installed, along with a thorough inspection of the rotors. Further, an intensive check of the calipers, along with ensuring the master cylinder has the correct level of fluid.


$129.95 & parts

Wheel Balance

Our team will inspect the tire pressure, and make any adjustments where needed. Your vehicle’s four tires will get equal attention in them getting rotated and balanced. Any wear and tear damage your vehicle has sustained will be checked for abnormalities. Wheel nuts are torqued as needed.



Wheel Alignment

Our wheel alignment service involves making sure your vehicle’s wheels are set and in the proper condition. Several checks and balances are undertaken across the wheel system, including checks on the caster, camber, set toe, tire pressure, steering and suspension. Depending on your vehicle, more labour and parts may be required.



Pot Hole Special

Help protect and fight off damage done by those pesky pot holes with our pot hole service. It includes a wheel balance and alignment, as well as a multi-point vehicle inspection.



Seasonal Tire Package

Driving on the correct tires for the season is important, so come to us when it’s time to switch out. Our seasonal tire package includes the rotation of tires into your new set, a balance, and storage of your out-of-season tires.



Wiper Blade Replacement

Your vehicle’s wiper blades will be replaced.


$22.00 each installed, front

Cooling System Service

Our service team will drain all the old coolant from your vehicle’s system, checking for leaks, and replace it with GM OEM-certified Dex-Cool.